Checking production separators with thermal imaging

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We love eliminating sand issues from our clients’ facilities.

EnerCorp started working with a new client on a two well pad in the Delaware Basin.  We were expecting high sand volumes and recommended the Sahara Advanced Cyclone to the client.

Due to their prior experience with less successful sand management technologies, the customer was concerned about sand capture and asked us to put a Mojave downstream of the Sahara, so we did.

As the well started producing sand, there was very little sand being captured in the Mojave downstream of the Sahara.  The client was concerned that sand was making it past EnerCorp’s setup and into their separator because in the first 8 days of flowing, the wells had produced over 28,500 lbs of sand combined.

The clients used thermal imaging on their production separators to check for sand, but they were completely clean, showing the Sahara was capturing all the sand.  Because of the superior performance of the Sahara, the client awarded EnerCorp a large package of wells to provide flowback and sand management services for.

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