Dynacorp Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Jesse Permann, COO

Dynacorp announces new Chief Operating Officer for the organization with a message from CEO Justin Morin:

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of Dynacorp, Mr. Permann has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer for the entire Dynacorp Partnership & Organization. He will oversee the entire Canadian Operations for Dynacorp. This role is one of the upmost importance as we continue to build our company and brand in the US, we need a strong leader in the top role in Canada to ensure we follow our brand promise, core purpose and continue to execute well in the Canadian Operations. We will continue to push the bar higher for growth and capitalize on new opportunities for this organization for the remainder of 2017 and going into 2018. We believe that Dynacorp will continue to excel in this still challenging market and we are excited to see the team align and work together under Jesse’s leadership and guidance as our COO."Justin Morin - CEO
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Dynacorp is now EnerCorp

The History of EnerCorp

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