EnerCorp’s use of 3D design software on every job leaps beyond traditional shop drawings.

The convenient, accurate visualization gives you direct insight into how your planned new gear will look. This makes it easier to confirm that it will fit and function properly, as well as make any required design alterations, while speeding up your internal approval process. Very few competitors provide in-house engineering and 3D renderings. Most will simply submit a quote and then sub out the engineering and design.


EnerCorp’s first-class QC program includes comprehensive documentation that goes with the equipment when it rolls out the door.

Ensuring safety during fabrication and in service is always a priority.

Innovative design with continual technology improvement is a key reason why leading well-testing companies choose EnerCorp for their most critical jobs. In 2014, EnerCorp completed the largest-volume, highest-pressure well testing gear built to date in western Canada.

EnerCorp intends to continue setting new standards for the well-testing sector in the areas of design innovation, new materials, weight savings, pressure rating and user-friendliness.

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