With 2022 coming to an end, it’s important we reflect back on our successes and achievements. At EnerCorp, we have a lot to be proud of!

Our technology investment and operational performance have continued to soar through 2022. We've grown our fleet of Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclones by an additional 52%. We are also excited to announce that we are expanding our Sahara product line with the Sahara Facility Cyclone and High-Capacity Sahara. More details to come on these early 2023!

eFlowback continues to deliver outstanding results! We have autonomously managed over 3.5 million pounds of sand through over 56,000 automated blowdowns. Over 2,600 events have been detected and prevented with zero leaks to the environment. The eFlowback ecosystem managed 62,000 pounds of sand in a 24 hour period.

ESG remains a focal point for our company. We are more than an energy services company, and ESG is more than a buzzword. We were able to save 232 tonnes of Co2 by reusing steel, and our Sahara Sand Cyclone produces 81% less methane emissions vs a standard blowdown unit.

In addition to focusing on our technology, we continued to build on our foundation of safety and core values. We had a 42% increase in field safety audits. Safety remains top priority at work and at home for EnerCorp employees. This is very important as we continue to grow our workforce, which saw a 20% increase year on year.

We are excited to share we remained active in the local communities and charitable programs. This is a cornerstone of the EnerCorp culture, and we are already looking forward to our community involvement for 2023.

We would not have seen this level of success without our clients, employees, and third-party partners. THANK YOU for being part of the "EnerCorp One-Team"!

We can't wait to see what 2023 brings!

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