Reduce costly damages to the facility with the Sahara Facility Cyclone

Industry-leading sand management technology for the steady state phase

The steady state phase brings up smaller volumes of sand compared to flowback. While it’s not enough sand to warrant a sand management cyclone at each well, it is too much sand to go without any sand management technology.

Sahara Facility Cyclone 3D RenderThe Sahara Facility Cyclone is ideal for production facilities connected to 20, 30, 40, or more wells during the steady state phase. This industry-leading technology can handle the combined flow rates from multiple wells, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing produced solids.

  • Highly engineered sand management technology: The Sahara Facility Cyclone is based on the same technology as the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, offering a sand capture rate of 97+%.
  • Less non-productive time: By removing erosive sand before it enters the facility, operators can eliminate NPT as they don’t need to close the facility for repairs and maintenance.
  • Lower operating costs: There are no monthly rental costs for the Sahara Facility Cyclone. It is operator owned, with the cost amortized over the life of the facility. Plus, it can be moved to another facility when required.
  • Smaller equipment footprint: While large, the Sahara Facility Cyclone has a smaller equipment footprint compared to multiple sand management vessels combined. This means fewer maintenance points and less HSE exposure.

The Sahara Facility Cyclone offers ground-breaking results at the facility, improving your bottom line.

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