Frac Stack and
Zipper Manifold Rentals

Providing frac stack and zipper manifold equipment composed of valves produced in North America that utilize premium materials to ensure your fracturing and pressure control operations do not experience non-productive time.
Invest in quality

EnerCorp returns value to our clients by eliminating non-productive time.

The demanding conditions frac valves need to operate under in the typical North American shale stimulation job are daunting. Millions of pounds of sand are pumped at high rates and because of this, non-productive time (NPT) from leaking valve assemblies leads to very costly delays for clients on many of their wells. That is why EnerCorp has invested in quality valves, premium erosion resistant materials, a rigorous inspection and rebuild procedure, and a strong quality assurance program. Our incremental investment to ensure flawless execution on the wellsite will more than pay back by eliminating the unnecessary expense of excess NPT.
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EnerCorp has premium valves and a refined quality management ecosystem to minimize NPT on your operations. Some highlights include:
  • USA manufactured valves in both 5-1/8” and 7-1/16” sizes available as manual as well as hydraulic actuated
  • Capable of supporting requirements up to 15,000 psi working pressure
  • Ability to configure zipper manifolds and monoline setups to support your stimulation needs
  • All jobs are configured to meet the needs of the client and the application
  • EnerCorp’s offerings can be prepared to support toe prep, hydraulic fracturing, drillout, and flowback operations
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quality care

EnerCorp ensures flawless execution by adhering to an industry leading maintenance and quality assurance program.

A valve is only new once; after that initial use the quality of care for that asset is paramount. After each deployment, our valves are completely disassembled. All components are rigorously inspected and measured to ensure conformance with manufacturer specified tolerances then repairs and replacements are made as needed.

All seals, packing, and miscellaneous soft goods are replaced with OEM parts after each job and every remanufactured valve assembly is pressure tested and tagged with those test chart results. Before equipment is sent to the jobsite, a thorough pre-mobilization checklist is completed to ensure all the necessary quality assured components are loaded out. Then finally, on the jobsite all valves are function tested from top to bottom and pressure testing is conducted in accordance with the client’s procedure.