Pro Oil and Gas
is now EnerCorp

Did you know that in 2020, EnerCorp Engineered Solutions Acquired Pro Oil and Gas? Here’s what you can expect from this powerful combination.
Pro Oil & Gas

Welcome to EnerCorp

Pro Oil and Gas, a leading service provider in the Haynesville and Permian Basin, has provided their valued customers with frac valves, water well drilling, pre-set surface drilling, and torque and test services and a broad range of flowback services.

We’re pleased to announce that Pro Oil and Gas has been acquired by EnerCorp, and can now offer customers a full portfolio of solutions for their well that enhance operations. In addition to streamlining communication with service providers and lowering mobilization costs, EnerCorp ensures customers get fit-for-purpose solutions that meet their unique requirements.

EnerCorp services the Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Utica, Permian Basin, and Canada.

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spudder rig pre set surface drilling
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EnerCorp Solutions

Are you looking for…

Flowback and Well Testing Services:
Take a highly engineered approach to flowback and minimize your location footprint. Learn more

Frac Valves and Zipper Manifolds:
See how we eliminate NPT in hydraulic fracturing operations in the Haynesville area. Learn more.

Pre-Set Surface Drilling Solutions:
Lower costs with a fit-for-purpose spudder rig in the Permian. Learn more.

Water Well Construction:
Find expert water well engineering, planning, drilling, and completion services to meet your needs. Learn more.

See the EnerCorp difference in our sand separation technology for flowback

Pro Oil and Gas provided customers with streamlined flowback services. EnerCorp takes flowback to the next level. Click below to learn how EnerCorp’s industry-leading sand separation technology can completely transform your flowback operations by reducing your equipment footprint, personnel costs, and HSE exposure, while enhancing operations and efficiency.

Find out how EnerCorp’s sand management technology can remove up to 99% of sand from your production stream, so you can bypass frac tanks and flow straight to your facility without damaging any equipment.

Sand Management Solutions for Flowback

You know Pro Oil and Gas. Now it’s time to get to know EnerCorp.

We’re looking forward to learning about your requirements, and providing you with a fit-for-purpose solution that lowers costs and improves operations.
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