Prove it!


Prove it! We hear this frequently when we talk to customers about our Sahara Advanced Cyclone.

When we say it captures well over 97% of sand, it does sound too good to be true. But we have now delivered on that promise on over 200 wells and have utilized this technology in four major shale plays across North America.

We were recently on a well in the Permian where the Sahara caught 24,005 pounds of sand and the ScorpionXT filter backing it up measured less than a pound of sand. The client opened up their production separator at the end of the job to find no sand present. The Sahara Advanced Cyclone caught over 99.9% of the sand produced. After this job, the client had the confidence to downsize their flowback footprint to a single Sahara as the only piece of major equipment between the wellhead and their facility. This is saving them considerable expense on equipment and personnel for flowback.

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