Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of renting from EnerCorp.

You avoid the risks of a significant capital outlay on equipment that would be based on a forecast well production profile that could change significantly. But we don’t lock you into any multi-year rental contracts, either. You can rent any size of equipment you need for as long as you like.



As your well’s production moves along its decline curve (or its performance surprises you in some way), you can change equipment – either to a different rental unit, or to a purchased unit configured and sized to your well’s actual performance.

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The flexibility we offer is tailored to today’s unconventional liquids-rich gas and oil wells – which typically come on-stream at high rates but decline steeply over their first year.

Renting and then switching gives you the high-capacity equipment you need during the initial production period, without over-capitalizing your well-site. Once the well “turns the corner” to flatter production, you can select right-sized equipment for permanent installation.