Health, Safety, and the Environment

EnerCorp is on a mission to zero injuries, zero equipment damage, and zero negative environmental impact. But more than that, we are on a mission to continuously improve the programs and processes that keep our employees and the environment safe.


The team at EnerCorp recognizes the value of building a safe work culture. From our manufacturing facility, to our operations facilities, and ultimately in the field, we strive for Safe Operations.

Real safety is not achieved by accident, but rather by consistent effort from each employee. We employ full-time, dedicated HSE professionals in our regions of operation to assist our teams in compliance and with building a healthy safety culture.

  • enercorp safety culture
  • enercorp safety culture
  • enercorp safety culture
  • enercorp safety culture

Our goal is to send each employee home to his or her family free of injury or illness and able to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

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Establishing a sustainable HSE culture requires dedication and commitment. We do this first by establishing clear expectations and company values on day one of employment. In addition to this, our operational management team is committed to driving safety from the top down. This leadership behavior along with the continuous reinforcement of the value of Safe Operations drives commitment from our field personnel to make safety an integral part of every task. And finally, we created a mentorship culture by fostering relationships through our “Gold Hat” Short Service Employee program and our Behavioral Based Safety programs.