Steady State Production

Combining cyclonic and filtration desanding technologies to economically provide clean production to your facilities even when your well has been flowing for one to several years. Custom solutions can be configured for purchase.
end of year one

Steady State Well Conditions

The steady state production phase generally begins at the end of the first year that the well is online and lasts until the end of that well’s life. During this time, the well’s production and pressure has declined quite a bit and in many cases sand production has dropped off. However, in some cases, the well is still producing sand and solutions are needed to eliminate sand in production facilities or even further downstream in pipelines.
Steady State Well Conditions

Life of Well Technologies

Four Phase Production Separator

Four Phase Production Separator

Single footprint combines cyclonic sand removal technology with production stream separation

Objective: extend capabilities of three phase separator to effectively remove sand in a single piece of capital equipment

Single footprint combines sand removal technology with production stream separation

World-class sand separation capture rate >97% with Sahara cyclone

Completely isolated chamber for sand separation – overflow from cyclone enters a three phase separation process

Water jetting system in the sand chamber allows for easy and complete evacuation of sand

low pressure options

Production Skids – Low Pressure Construction

To meet the needs of a lower pressure production environment, EnerCorp can configure our production skids at lower pressures. All the additional feature are available in lower pressure configurations as well.

The Sahara Cyclone Production Skid illustrated here is a singular example of a multitude of production skid configurations that can be provided.

Based upon the needs of your sand challenge, EnerCorp can combine cyclonic or filtration based sand removal technologies with a variety of optional features to meet your needs.

World-class sand separation capture rate >97%

Highly accurate weight measurement connected to SCADA for operator call-out only when needed

Blowdown vessel fluid removal and recycling system eliminates extra trucking and disposal costs due to liquid

Blowdown vessel sand volume is monitored and connected to SCADA for disposal truck call-out only when needed

Self contained blowdown limits HSE exposure – potential for full closed loop system


Sand Separation Options

EnerCorp offers production skids that are:



A combination of both cyclones & filters

Our trained technical sales and engineering staff will work with you to select the appropriate technology or combination of technologies to meet your needs.

Mojave Dual Cyclone

Mojave Dual Cyclone

~ 90%

Sand Capture Rate

View Mojave
Sahara Advanced Cyclone

Sahara Advanced Cyclone

> 97%

Sand Capture Rate

View Sahara

Sand Cyclones

> 10,000

BOE per day

Scorpion Filter

Scorpion Filter


BOE per day

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ScorpionXT Filter

ScorpionXT Filter


BOE per day

View ScorpionXT

Sand Filters

> 99%

Sand Capture Rate


Popular Production Skid Add-On Features

The following features are optional and can be configured as part of your production skid. Each of the technologies listed provides a capability that may be useful for your application. Through consultation with an EnerCorp sales professional, we can identify the options that have value based upon the needs of your application.
ScorpionXT Production Skids Arctic Package
ScorpionXT Production Skids with optional Arctic Package

Digital Sensors & SCADA

  • Pressure monitoring for filters
  • Weight monitoring for cyclones
  • Volume monitoring for blowdown vessels

Objective: deploy personnel only when needed

Blowdown Vessels

Fully contained vessel that can be tied in to onsite flare if needed

Objective: zero environmental or personnel exposure

Blowdown fluid recirculation system

Pump down the fluid in the blowdown vessel and reinject it back into the production stream

Objective: Significantly reduce the volume of vacuum trucks needed to dispose of sand and liquids waste from the blowdown vessel

Arctic Package

Winterize the unit to withstand harsh cold temperatures

Objective: eliminate downtime in winter