Small Business Saturday

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EnerCorp is proud to support local, small business owners, and we encourage you to get out and support Small Business Saturday tomorrow.

We are proud to have a small business owner as part of our management team in the Permian Basin. Jeff Bussell, EnerCorp's Director of Sales, and his wife Ashley own and operate Brush Mountain Outfitters in Odessa, TX. Established in 2003, the Bussell family has owned and operated their small business with a full service bow shop with a quality lineup of guns and ammo. They also bore sight rifles, perform minor gunsmith work, offer a bow range, and much much more.

Go see the Bussell family this weekend and let them earn your business with their expertise, friendly family, and love for all things Permian Basin! It's families like the Bussell's that work endless hours providing jobs for good people in our communities.

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