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EnerCorp’s Spudder Rig Reduces Wellbore Construction Costs by 35% - 40%

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Permian Basin

Surface Drilling

17-½ drill size and setting 13-⅜” casing

Typical depth between 1,100 and 1,650 feet

Locations typically have between two and four wells on the pad

Planned to drill more than 80 wells per year


One of our clients in the Permian Basin needed to reduce their wellbore construction costs in order to achieve their drilling budget. They had a multi-rig drilling campaign using full-size rigs, which had a high equipment day rate and labor costs. However, they had set new well delivery objectives that needed to be met with a significantly reduced budget.

The client was evaluating a number of different opportunities to drive down costs for their wellbore construction budget.






Our team of experienced application engineers reviewed the client's activity level and program characteristics. It was clear that EnerCorp could provide a solution that would enable the clients to drill the surface interval and set surface casing at a fraction of their current expense. 

Like many operators, the clients were utilizing full-size drilling rigs to drill every interval of the well, including surface, intermediate, and production. A full-size rig is not required when drilling the surface interval.

We recommended our Atlas Copco spudder rig, which has the capabilities necessary to drill their surface interval and run surface casing — and comes at a significantly reduced day rate.


We worked with the client to determine that for the majority of their program, they would need 17-1/2” surface hole drilled to depths ranging between 1,100 and 1,650 feet, and then 13-3/8” casing run and cemented. The drilling locations were required to typically have between two and four wells per pad. The clients required services on one to two pads per month.

Based on these characteristics, EnerCorp implemented a solution for the client that typically saved them between 35% and 40% on drilling their surface interval.

This was a substantial savings to the client that helped them meet their new reduced budget objectives. With EnerCorp, this client received:

    Reduced equipment day rate

    Fuel consumption reduced by half

    Lowered personnel costs

    Reduced costs to run casing

    Significantly lowered HSE exposure as a result of a smaller crew

    Saving over 35% of your operating costs is possible when you acquire the right equipment for the job at hand. Save the full-size rigs for drilling intermediate and production sections. When it comes to surface interval drilling and running surface casing, go with fit-for-purpose drilling solutions.

    Want to see the same cost reduction results? Don’t hesitate to reach out now.