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Why are you still using your full-size drilling rig for surface interval drilling?

As an experienced drilling professional, you’re probably already aware that a full-size rig is designed to construct wells with total depths over 20,000 feet. So why would you be using them for surface interval drilling?

We get it — it can be challenging to bring a third-party service provider to the wellsite and coordinate all of the personnel and equipment when you already have a full-size rig providing services, but have you thought about how using fit-for-purpose equipment can actually benefit your operations and your bottom line?

EnerCorp is an experienced and professional service provider and our spudder rig business is primarily working with clients in the Permian Basin. All over West Texas, we work with operators to provide surface drilling rigs to help reduce costs and streamline operations. We have dedicated personnel that manage this business so our clients don’t need to coordinate or manage the operation. We herd the cats and provide you with peace of mind and reduced expenses.

Using a top hole drilling rig improves your bottom line

Across the Delaware Basin and the Midland Basin, we work with operators to help reduce costs by using the right equipment for the task at hand. When using a full-size rig for top hole drilling, operators end up with unnecessarily high equipment day rates and a large crew to staff the rig — all for a hole that doesn’t require such a massive equipment footprint.

Here’s how EnerCorp improves your bottom line with our surface drilling equipment:

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    Fewer crew on location: Using a top hole rig instead of a full-size rig enables you to have less crew on location. This reduces your labor costs and also improves safety because there are less opportunities for injuries and accidents.
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    Lower day rates: A spudder rig has a day rate that is a fraction of the cost of a full-size rig. Why pay more than you need to for over-sized equipment to do the job?
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    Improved equipment usage: If you use a surface drilling rig for surface intervals and running pre-set surface casing, you can reserve your full-size rig for the portion of the hole that it is actually designed for. This allows you to drill more wells with less full-size rigs, reducing your overall costs and limiting the number of full size rigs you have to be contractually obligated to.

There are countless environmental benefits for using pre-set surface drilling

While improving profitability on your well is an important priority, for many operators, it’s also vital to consider the environmental impact of wellbore construction.

Consider these important environmental benefits of top hole drilling with a spudder rig:

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    Less fuel consumption and emissions: The spudder rig uses less diesel than a full-size rig, and as a result produces less emissions into the environment.
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    Reduced truck traffic: As there is a smaller crew required for a surface drilling rig, there is less transportation needed to and from the wellsite each day.
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    Minimized trash generation: With a smaller crew and smaller rig, there is less trash and garbage produced at the wellsite.
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    Prevents switching between mud systems: In some applications, the use of a spudder rig ensures that you do not need to switch between mud systems. Additionally, we have the option of using a closed-loop mud circulation system with a solids handling package.

Is the cost of using a full-size rig for surface interval drilling sending you into the red?

6 Benefits of Using a Spudder Rig for Pre-Set Surface DrillingThat’s because it’s the wrong equipment for the job. While using a full-size rig for surface interval drilling may be convenient, it’s not a fit-for-purpose solution.

Learn how you can lower your surface interval drilling costs and optimize your operations with EnerCorp’s spudder rig, designed specifically for drilling surface intervals and running surface casing.

Download 6 Benefits of Using a Spudder Rig for Pre-Set Surface Drilling today to learn more.


See the benefits of using a surface drilling rig in action

One of EnerCorp’s clients in the Permian Basin was looking to reduce their wellbore construction costs. They had new well delivery objectives with a significantly reduced budget — but were looking at high equipment day rates for their multi-rig drilling campaign.

Like many of our clients, before working with us they were using full-size rigs to drill each interval of the well: surface, intermediate, and production.

Our team evaluated the client’s activity level and program characteristics, and determined that they would be able to significantly reduce their wellbore construction costs by utilizing a spudder rig for the surface interval drilling.

Our Atlas Copco spudder rig, which is designed specifically for drilling surface intervals and running surface casing, helped these clients to save approximately 35 - 40% of their wellbore expenses, enabling them to meet their reduced budget. 

The client’s total savings included:

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    Reduced equipment day rate
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    50% less fuel consumption
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    Lowered personnel costs
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    Lowered HSE exposure
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    Reduced cost for running surface casing
EnerCorp Pre-Set Surface Drilling Rig

EnerCorp’s technology can meet a multitude of surface drilling applications

In order to lower your operating costs, improve your drilling timelines, and reduce your HSE exposure, our spudder rigs are designed specifically for drilling surface intervals and running surface casing.

With a strong safety program with an excellent track record, we are often called upon by supermajor clients for surface drilling on their wells because they trust our technology and engineering expertise.

Our technology features include:

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    Fit-for-purpose surface-drilling technology: We have a fleet of Atlas Copco RD20 XC drilling rigs designed specifically for top hole drilling.
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    Wide range of drilling capabilities: Based on your well’s specific needs, we can drill hole sizes up to 17-1/2” in diameter with downhole motors and MWD equipment.
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    Strong safety record: In order to keep our crew safe at the wellsite, we use hydraulic makeup and breakout tongs for handling pipe and collars.
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    Minimized environmental exposure: Our rigs consume less fuel, produce less emissions, and require less crew to be transported to and from the wellsite each day.
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    Pre-set surface casing included: There is no need for a third-party casing crew as we have casing running tools to drill the interval and then run the casing.

Lower your operating expenses with the right surface drilling equipment

Optimize your surface wellbore construction costs by utilizing a spudder rig designed for pre-set surface interval drilling and casing. With our strong track record of safety that is approved by supermajor clients, we bring a professional crew to your wellsite, oversee all surface drilling operations, and provide you with lower costs and peace of mind.

Using a full-size rig for top hole drilling may seem more convenient at first, but in the long run it will drive up costs, increase HSE exposure, and decrease profitability.

Get in touch with EnerCorp today to learn more about our pre-set surface drilling solutions and how we can help you optimize operations at your wellsite today.


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