Dual Cyclone Technology


Highly efficient sand capture in high flow rates with paraffins, iron sulphides, asphaltenes and hydrates.
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Mojave Dual Cyclone

Our industry leading sand cyclonic technology offers unmatched sand separation capabilities.
Mojave Technology & Benefits

Includes EnerCorp patent pending dual cyclonic insert

High pressure units for use in IP / Flowback phase of well lifecycle

Lower pressure units for early production and later in well’s life

The Mojave Cyclone has been deployed on thousands of wellsites and has proven to be highly efficient at removing sand across a broad range of flow rates. This efficiency is achieved by utilizing the two phase cyclonic process in combination with a large vessel diameter.

Up to
10000 psi

Pressure Rating

8000 BBLs

Flow Rate Capacity


Sand Capture (100μ)

100 lbs

Daily Sand Removal


NACE Compliant

The Leader in Innovative Desanding Solutions

EnerCorp guarantees to capture and clean up your 100 Mesh Frac Sand with 99% efficient Wellhead Desanding Devices.
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