Advanced Cyclone Technology


Depend on EnerCorp’s industry-leading cyclonic technology equipment to get all the sand out of your hydrocarbon production stream.

Sahara Advanced Cyclone

Our industry leading sand cyclonic technology offers unmatched sand separation capabilities.
Sahara Technology & Benefits

Adjustable inlet technology optimizes flow velocities for separation

Cyclone geometry engineered through rigorous CFD analysis

Range of pressure ratings available for the well lifecycle

The Sahara Cyclone has been precisely engineered to deliver industry leading separation across a broad range of flow regimes. This delivers a versatile sand removal technology that reduces the footprint on location while delivering best in class sand removal rates.

Up to
10000 psi

Pressure Rating

> 8000 BBLs
> 0 MMCF

Flow Rate Capacity

> 0%

Sand Capture (100μ)

> 100 lbs

Daily Sand Removal


NACE Compliant

The Leader in Innovative Desanding Solutions

EnerCorp guarantees to capture and clean up your 100 Mesh Frac Sand with 99% efficient Wellhead Desanding Devices.
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