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The results of our engineering team speak for themselves

You’ve likely heard of the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, the leading sand management solution in the market that captures 97%+ of all sand from the hydrocarbon stream. What about e-Flowback, the first and only autonomous sand management ecosystem for the flowback stage?

Both of these solutions were developed by EnerCorp’s engineering services team, leaders in their field who constantly go above and beyond what everyone else is doing.

Our engineering services are renowned for their innovative approach to designing, building, selling, and operating technology.

Research and development
The brains of our operation, our research and development engineers are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance our sand management technology. They develop prototypes, test them vigorously, and then test them again hundreds of times over. This process leads to sand management solutions unlike any others on the market today.

Advanced fabrication
If R&D are the brains of the company, then our fabrication business is the hands. Here, engineers bring the ideas of the research team to life in physical form. Our quality control team ensures every component of our technology is ready to perform at 100% and is built to exact standards, meeting all safety requirements.

Sales, services, and field application engineering
Combining the brains and hands, our sales, service, and field application engineers operate our sand management technology in the field. From this invaluable experience, they bring new ideas on how to enhance the technology back to our R&D engineers.

Be part of the

cycle of innovation

Innovation in our engineering services business isn’t a linear progression. Think of it like a continuous loop, where engineers in all different capacities within the organization are always working towards a new goal: the most effective sand management technology on the market.

We work ahead of industry demands to predict what customers will need years from now, ensuring we have time to fully research and verify the technology before we release it. This way, our customers know that our sand management solutions are reliable, always providing them with exceptional results.

EnerCorp’s industry-leading product line is protected by intellectual property and a portfolio of patents, developed by our engineering team and field personnel.

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