We are 1-Team

EnerCorp will always be more than just an energy services company.


Together, we are going in the same direction

1-Team is a mindset that every person at EnerCorp follows. What does it mean? It’s simple, really. We are one.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee or contractor, customer or vendor, partner or friend — at EnerCorp, we’re all on the same side.

1-Team is a constant reminder to everyone at EnerCorp that we don’t just work in this community, we live here. We raise our families here and build our lives here.

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Here’s what 1-Team looks like at EnerCorp

Community outreach program support
We support veteran and military services, child advocacy, and physical and mental health support services groups with funding and time because we want to ensure the people in our communities are taken care of.

Employee support
Our people don’t just succeed at work — they succeed at life. We bring in leadership speakers to help them be better managers (and moms, dads, friends, and community members). What we learn at work can also apply to the rest of our lives.

Customer support
We don’t just partner with our customers to reach their professional goals (such as working with bpx energy to develop eFlowback!). We also back causes that are close to their hearts, such as organizations for veterans and youth.

Contractor support
Many of our contractors convert to full-time employees every year because that’s how we treat them from day one. From housing, to meals, to safety training, to job site tools, we ensure they have everything they need to reach their full potential.

Vendor support
Moving the oil and gas and drilling industries forward as a whole is important to us, which is why we ensure all vendors meet HSE expectations and insurance requirements through ComplyWorks.

Environmental support
Creating more energy by using less energy is the ultimate goal, so we’re constantly challenging ourselves to innovate technology that reduces environmental impact. From industry-leading sand cyclones to breakthrough autonomous systems, we’re making the industry greener.

EnerCorp HSE man in front of cyclone-800
Back of EnerCorp Worker with Safety Sticker
EnerCorp HSE Safety
Be Part Of 1-Team

We are 1 community.
We are 1-Team.

It’s not enough to be a leader in our industry. Work is only one part of our lives, and that’s why it’s equally important to focus on our communities and the people in them.
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