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The History of EnerCorp

The EnerCorp you know today has evolved and advanced over the years. While we have always focused on delivering exceptional fit-for-purpose technology for our clients, ensuring they have the exact solution to their challenges, we have grown and progressed by clearly understanding the needs of those we serve.

Learn about how EnerCorp came to be, all the way from where we started, to the steps we took, to where we’re going next.



Dynacorp Logo

Dynacorp Fabricators Inc. is founded

Justin Morin, became CEO of Dynacorp, headquartered in Calgary, Canada. At the time, Dynacorp offered design and fabrication of sand filtration equipment, well testing equipment, and production processing equipment. Dynacorp also offered oilfield equipment rentals, field service and repairs, and engineering consultation and advisory services.

Dynacorp emerged as a leader in innovation and design of sand filtration and well testing equipment with a reputation of high quality and timely delivery.

Two Dynacorp sand filtration rental units


Intervale Capital logo Plus icon Energes Oilfield Solutions Logo

Energes capitalized by Intervale Capital

Intervale Capital, a private equity firm, capitalizes Energes, a company specializing in flowback and well testing services. Through this acquisition, Energes makes a number of advancements in the oil and gas industry. They continue to focus on flowback and well testing, and grow their 60-inch four phase test separator fleet to the largest in the Permian Basin. In addition, they begin working on the development of sand cyclone technology — much of which EnerCorp is known for today.

Energes rig
two Energes employees in PPE
EnerCorp Drill Out Services
Ruben Rig Up Slinging Hammer Pic
Energes employee working on equipment


Energes Oilfield Solutions Logo Plus icon Dynacorp Logo

Energes and Dynacorp have their first collaboration

The two sand management organizations, Energes and Dynacorp, finally come together in a joint venture. With their combined experience and expertise in the desanding field, they are able to make a number of advancements. First, they improve the filtration and cyclone technology in order to manage higher fluid-to-sand rates. Plus, they vastly improve the safety features of the filtration systems, benefiting their operational crews and lowering HSE exposure.

As a result, Energes and Dynacorp build their reputation as leaders in the development and execution of sand management technologies.

Dynacorp Rentals next to Energes Mojave cyclones


Intervale Capital logo Plus icon Dynacorp Logo

Dynacorp partners with Intervale Capital

Later on that same year, Dynacorp joins forces with Intervale Capital. They begin to increase their focus on research and development, working to improve their sand management technology, their processes, and their QA/QC procedures. Strategically, Dynacorp management recognized that it’s vital to have the leading technology on the market, and ensure clients use the equipment that is right for their needs. Because of this, R&D became a key area of importance.

In addition, Dynacorp also grows their asset fleet in the United States, so they are better able to support Energes in their joint venture.

Energes sand separator


EnerCorp Sand Solutions Logo

EnerCorp Sand Solutions is formed

After working together for some time, Dynacorp and Energes merge together and form EnerCorp Sand Solutions. With this merger, EnerCorp is the first fully integrated and technology-driven sand management company in North America.

EnerCorp combines both the content and distribution aspects of the sand management industry. At this time, we begin working on the ScorpionXT filter development.

Dynacorp and Energes Merge to Become EnerCorp Sand Solutions


EnerCorp Sand Solutions Logo Plus icon Oil and Gas Awards logo

EnerCorp grows 133% year-over-year

With strong industry recognition from our peers, EnerCorp has an outstanding first year, growing 133%. We are called on to manage significant projects for a number of large shale E&P players. This enables us to grow our fabrication business and sand management service business significantly. Plus, we begin our expansion into select international markets.

EnerCorp is given the 2018 Award for New Technology Development of the Year by the Oil and Gas awards. We were also recognized by the Houston Business Journal as one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in the Houston market as well as being recognized as a top 100 employer for the city.

EnerCorp New Technology Development award for 2018


EnerCorp Sand Solutions Logo

EnerCorp introduces industry-leading cyclonic technology

Over the last decade, the Dynacorp and Energes teams — now formally EnerCorp — have been working on developing the best way to remove sand from hydrocarbons. Through years of research, engineering, testing, and further refinement, EnerCorp releases the Sahara Advanced Cyclone.

This industry-leading technology is highly efficient at separating solids from fluids, can handle high volumes of sand and fluids, and has a very minimal pressure drop across the cyclone. It significantly lowers the overall equipment footprint at the wellsite, along with the requirement for personnel. This in turn lowers HSE exposure and flowback costs.

EnerCorp’s Sahara cyclone is immediately recognized as the industry-leading sand management solution by clients.

  • EnerCorp Sahara's with blue sky
  • 5 well flowback with 1 EnerCorp Sahara each


EnerCorp Sand Solutions Logo Plus icon Pro Oil And Gas Logo

EnerCorp acquires Pro Oil and Gas

With the acquisition of Pro Oil and Gas, a leading service provider in the Haynesville and Permian Basin, EnerCorp expands our portfolio to include frac valves, water well drilling, pre-set surface drilling, as well as a more broad range of flowback and well testing solutions including hydraulic flowback capabilities.

As a result, we’re able to offer our clients a full range of solutions for their well, meeting their specific requirements with fit-for purpose solutions. This helps clients to streamline communication with service providers as well as lower mobilization costs.

Pro Oil and Gas plu EnerCorp


New EnerCorp Logo

What’s next?

While the timeline ends here for now — the EnerCorp story has a long way to go. In the short term, be on the lookout for automation technologies and additional offerings to optimize production operations. With a team of expert engineers and field professionals with decades of experience, we continue to offer our clients industry-leading technical solutions. No matter your wellsite conditions, EnerCorp can devise a fit-for-purpose solution that helps you achieve the kinds of results you’re after.

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