Filtration Technology


Depend on EnerCorp’s industry-leading sand filtration equipment to get all the sand out of your hydrocarbon production stream.

ScorpionXT Sand Filter

Our range of configurations and sizes enables us to serve any production stream and commodity mix across North America. That includes the highest-pressure, highest-rate unconventional wells.
ScorpionXT Technology & Benefits

Industry’s highest sand capture rate, guaranteed

Range of micron ratings for fixed media filtration

Patented technology proven on 1,000s of wells

The Scorpion filtration series is a proven and guaranteed technology to remove sand. When sand removal is critical, the Scorpion series delivers.

Up to
2500 psi

Pressure Rating


Max Temperature

> 0%

Sand Capture (100μ)

1500 lbs

Daily Sand Removal


NACE Compliant

The Leader in Innovative Desanding Solutions

EnerCorp guarantees to capture and clean up your 100 Mesh Frac Sand with 99% efficient Wellhead Desanding Devices.
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