Sahara Sand Cyclone

Sand management for high-producing wells with Sahara technology you know and trust.
High-Capacity Sahara

Double the Sahara power
in a single unit

The Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone has revolutionized sand management during flowback, resulting in sand capture rates of over 97% with a single unit. As operators continue to push the limits of lateral lengths and develop wells with ever larger initial production (IP) rates, the required capacity of sand management equipment has also increased. There are certain high-producing wells that have such high flow rates that the flow stream has to be split into two  highly efficient desanders.

At EnerCorp, we understand the benefits of reducing the equipment footprint, so our engineers innovated the High-Capacity Sahara Sand Cyclone. This unit offers the power of two Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclones in parallel.

The High-Capacity Sahara Sand Cyclone is ideal for high-producing wells or wells which have longer laterals of over 15,000 feet. They produce more sand, have higher production rates, and have longer flowback stages, and the High-Capacity Sahara Sand Cyclone can capture sand from these wells with ease.

As operators push the boundaries of sand management technology in the field, EnerCorp pushes the boundaries with our technology to meet their needs.

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What the High-Capacity Sahara Sand Cyclone offers your operation

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    High sand capture rates: Just like the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, the High-Capacity Sahara Sand Cyclone offers a sand capture rate of over 97%.
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    Less maintenance: At high-producing wells, operators no longer need to maintain two or more separate sand management vessels. With the High-Capacity Sahara Sand Cyclone, it’s just one.
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    More flexibility: We can configure the equipment to meet the needs of different applications: High gas rates, lower flowing pressures, high liquid rates, and more. A large turndown ratio and tunable inlet nozzle allow for great flexibility.
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    Less HSE exposure: With half the equipment, you need half the crew on site. This ensures better protection for your personnel and the environment.
EnerCorp Cyclonic Separator Multiphase CFD Simulation

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A smaller flowback equipment footprint doesn’t mean a smaller impact

A single High-Capacity Sahara Sand Cyclone can handle wells with longer laterals of over 15,000 feet, in addition to other applications. Everything our engineers have learned from developing the industry-leading Sahara, they used to create the High-Capacity Sahara Cyclone. This means sand capture rates of 97% or more, in addition to less damage in your production facilities.

High-Capacity Sahara

Cyclone Specifications
Flow rate capacity of 40,000 BBLs/day
Fully ASME coded vessel
Conforms to ABSA guidelines
Stringent QC standards
10,000psi API 6A vessel or available in ANSI 150 to 2500
Interchangeable liners that can cover a wide range of production rates
Optional enclosed blowdown tank available enabling zero emission operation

We’ll have you seeing double

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