Maximize production and minimize spend throughout the lifecycle of your well with fit-for-purpose solutions that utilize only the equipment and personnel you need — and nothing more.
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Autonomous control of flowback and sand management that reduces equipment footprint and personnel costs while minimizing emissions.

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We support your operations throughout each stage of your well’s lifecycle

Click on the different service offerings to learn more about how we help you reach your completions, production, and well construction goals.

  • eFlowback Automated Sand Management Solutions

    Reduce equipment footprint and personnel costs while minimizing emissions with a completely autonomous job site.
    eFlowback Technology
    Environmental Benefits

  • Pressure Control & Flowback Solutions

    Highly engineered solutions using premium materials that eliminate non-productive time.
    Frac Valves & Zipper Manifolds
    Flowback & Well Testing Services
    Torque and Test Services

  • Sand management solutions

    Innovative cyclonic and filtration-based desanding technologies that remove more sand than anything else on the market.

    Flowback Solutions
    Early Production Solutions
    Steady State Production Solutions

  • Production equipment fabrication

    Rigorously tested and engineered technology for sand management and production processing.
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  • Well construction solutions

    Fit-for-purpose drilling rigs, closed-loop mud systems, and water well construction that offer a great value.
    Pre-set Surface Drilling Solutions
    Water Well Construction

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Having trouble keeping your flowback costs in check?

EnerCorp has the solution. Download 6 Ways to Reduce Your Flowback Costs and start improving the profitability of your wells today.

Lower your costs.
Reduce your risk.

At EnerCorp, we focus on delivering fit-for-purpose solutions to streamline your operations. Before you even look at an equipment list, we take time to understand your application, your desired outcomes, and your goals.

Our experienced application engineering team offers a range of solutions from our broad portfolio so you can minimize NPT, equipment replacement costs, and personnel requirements — all while enhancing your drilling, completions, and production capabilities.

About EnerCorp
  • EnerCorp utilizes North American manufactured frac valves and sand management technologies to eliminate non-productive downtime from washed and leaking parts.
  • Premium valve parts and exceptional sand control reduce equipment replacement costs, charge backs, and associated downtime with replacing washed out parts in all phases of your well’s life.
  • With our approach to lower the wellsite footprint, we reduce emissions as well as the potential for any HSEQ related incidents.
  • When sand production issues are eliminated, you can improve production with more aggressive choke schedules and increased proppant loading during stimulation.
  • With both our drilling and well flow management solutions, EnerCorp offerings will minimize personnel and equipment needed to complete the job; lowering costs and human exposure.
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See our technology and services in action

Sahara Advanced Cyclone technology captures 99.7% of sand in the Permian Basin

Find out how EnerCorp’s Sahara replaced two sand separators and a three-phase separator with more effective results.

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Sahara Advanced Cyclone significantly outperforms competitor “advanced” cyclone in the Marcellus Shale

Our client put our equipment to the test against a large competitor and saw impressive results right away.

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Mojave Dual Cyclone reduces chargeback expenses by $25,587 on 15-day flowback job

Learn more about how EnerCorp can help you minimize post-job chargebacks from consumables and equipment damages.

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Our proven process ensures we meet your well’s requirements

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  • We understand your well’s unique requirements:

    Our sales and engineering teams analyze your expected oil, water, and gas rates, as well as your pressures and sand loading metrics.

  • We offer a range of fit-for-purpose solutions:

    There are a number of different ways you can reach your goals. We show you how with 2-3 optimized equipment layouts utilizing only what you need.

  • We bring the plans to life:

    Once we’ve determined the best solution for your well, our highly trained field service personnel rig up the site and expertly operate the equipment so you have peace of mind.

  • We quantify results to drive ROI:

    If you want to maximize your well’s financial return now and in the future, numbers matter. We provide detailed results throughout the process so you know how your wellsite is doing at all times, and we perform post-well analysis to drive optimization for the next job.


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