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Well Testing Services

We minimize the location footprint while exceeding your well flow management needs with state-of-the-art sand management technologies.

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A highly engineered approach to flowback

Constructing a flowback layout doesn’t start with an equipment list.

We start by understanding the expected well flow regimes and anticipated challenges for the job. Our applications engineering team proposes the best solution to minimize equipment and personnel needs at your wellsite. To provide the best results, our solutions often include patented or proprietary technologies that eliminate any issues associated with sand and reduce emissions.

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Imagine automating the entire flowback process while improving production results

We are proud to introduce the next evolution of flowback. Combining industry-leading sand separation technology with automation, measurement systems, and cloud-based software, we help operators minimize their equipment footprint and personnel costs while enhancing production and environmental benefits.
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Regardless of your needs,
we’re ready for the job

At EnerCorp, we work with some of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world. Our teams are experienced in navigating a broad range of challenges our clients experience, and offering up solutions that minimize AFE and LOE spend.

Some of our highlights include:

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    Large fleet of four phase test separators in 42" to 60" diameters with the capability to handle up to 2,000 psi working pressure
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    Hydraulic as well as manual valves, choke manifolds, and plug catchers in working pressures up to 15,000 psi
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    NACE compliant vessels and piping to handle sour service operations
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    Patented cyclonic and filtration technologies in working pressures up to 15,000 psi
When it comes to flowback, our goal is to maximize your production while maintaining a cost-effective location footprint. Get in touch with us today to speak with our highly trained sales and engineering teams about your wellsite.

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See how we apply technology to deliver Flowback 2.0

Sahara Advanced Cyclone technology captures 99.7% of sand in the Permian Basin

Find out how EnerCorp’s Sahara replaced two sand separators and a three-phase separator with more effective results.

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Sahara Advanced Cyclone significantly outperforms competitor “advanced” cyclone in the Marcellus Shale

Our client put our equipment to the test against a large competitor and saw impressive results right away.

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Mojave Dual Cyclone reduces chargeback expenses by $25,587 on 15-day flowback job

Learn more about how EnerCorp can help you minimize post-job chargebacks from consumables and equipment damages.

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We enhance operations at each stage of your well’s life

We configure our technologies to support your well flow management requirements during toe prep, frac, drill out, and flowback. Additionally, we support clean out operations on your older wells.

Our operators have strong experience managing wellsite requirements from frac screen outs through drillout and flowback, continuing into all phases of production facility operations.

Have questions about our flowback solutions? Get in touch so we can learn more about your well’s requirements and offer the best technology solutions to ensure you meet your goals.


Let us exceed your expectations for well flow management


Let’s revolutionize your drillout operations

Our flowback and sand management technology is designed to support your drillout operations, minimizing damages to equipment and reducing NPT.

From carefully monitoring fluid returns to tracking frac plug part cuttings, we ensure you are never blindsided by damages or unexpected non-productive time.

EnerCorp provides millout and drillout services in several markets across the United States, including:
and Utica
Eagle Ford

We can also support your drillout operations with technology and equipment rentals in Canada.

Our highly experienced engineers and crew are familiar with a number of well conditions, and we can develop an equipment configuration that ensures you meet your goals.


Are you frustrated by the constant damages and NPT during drillout?

Display Drillout Lead Magnet 2021 - EnerCorpYou’re not alone. Many operators find the drillout process results in costly damages and chargebacks as well as non-productive time (NPT) further driving up well costs. However, what they don’t know is that a lot of that is avoidable when you have the right team and the right technology.

Download 6 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line During Drillout Operations and learn how EnerCorp can help you optimize your drillout process today.