EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Cyclone technology captures 99.7% of sand in the Permian Basin

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Delaware Basin

500 BBLs
/ day Oil
2800 BBLs
/ day Water
1500 MCF
/ day Gas
400 psi
at peak flow rate
0 Days
of flowback
20000 lbs
of sand produced


One of our valued clients was running two sand separators and a three-phase test separator during their flowbacks. However, the production facilities were sized for peak rates, so they did not need the mobile test separator for measurement purposes. This meant that they were using all of this equipment to capture sand to simply keep it from damaging their production facility. This was not a cost-efficient setup.




After understanding their well application, EnerCorp’s engineering team recommended a rig up with the Sahara Advanced Cyclone as the best option for their well.

This proven technology uses an induced cyclonic vortex to separate solids from fluids. There is little personnel required for operation and the Sahara is designed to handle a broad range of fluid volume while also managing heavy solids and sand loading.

Two EnerCorp Sahara Cyclones


With our Sahara Cyclone technology, our clients achieved 99.7% sand capture, which was verified by utilizing a ScorpionXT filter downstream of the Sahara. This enabled our clients to:

  1. Reduce expenses for daily rental equipment on location
  2. Minimize personnel costs to support the equipment
  3. Reduce safety concerns and human exposure
  4. Eliminate sand damage to their permanent facilities

They were so pleased with the results, they removed all other equipment from their standard flowback operations and only used the Sahara going forward.

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