FloDatix IS NOW

EnerCorp adds multiphase flowmeter technology to its suite of solutions
Our vision is to

continue developing disruptive technologies that optimize the production equipment footprint

EnerCorp’s acquisition of FloDatix in 2024 enables us to offer our customers value-added technology that improves flow data accuracy.

The FloDatix meter combines proven electromagnetic imaging technologies in a safe and cost-effective metering solution, providing high-speed measurements in real time.

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    No nuclear source
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    No flow conditioning required
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    No constant recalibration
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    2D and 3D flow visualization
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    Multiple applications
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Hear from EnerCorp’s President and CEO, James E. Pung, on how Flodatix will benefit our customers


Benefits of FloDatix technology

  • Reduced wellsite production and flowback equipment

    The Flodatix system enables operators to remove the production separator, so they can allocate production without the need for physical separation from costly production equipment.

  • Minimized harmful emissions

    With fewer connection points and a closed loop system, there are fewer chances of harmful emissions being released into the environment. The reduction of equipment on location can also reduce production facility separators by 75%.

  • Improved data accuracy

    FloDatix technology offers operators high-speed data flow in real time with greater accuracy than other flowmeters currently available on the market. This insight enables operators to optimize chokes, secondary recovery methods, and more.

Other metering technologies require a nuclear source on site and constantly need to be recalibrated for accurate measurements

The FloDatix system is truly disruptive in the market, because it doesn’t require a nuclear source or frequent recalibration. In addition, it’s also cost effective, enabling operators to better manage their operating expenses.

EnerCorp is a leader in innovation. FloDatix technology fits in perfectly with our groundbreaking solutions.

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