Industry-leading cyclonic and filtration desanding technologies delivers clean production to your facilities.

Welcome to Flowback 2.0

Our proprietary sand management technology has a capture rate of up to 99% — far exceeding anything else in the market. This enables us to eliminate any potential damages to your production facilities and minimize the equipment and personnel needed at the wellsite.

We completely replace traditional flowback processes with a more cost-effective and highly efficient solution.

We start by gaining an understanding of your well’s expected flow rates and pressures. Our highly trained sales and engineering teams pair this knowledge with the expected sand production rates and your tolerance level for sand carryover to create the optimal solution. By following this process, we meet the needs of your application while exceeding your sand management expectations.

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We combine different cyclone and filtration technologies to meet your needs based on the sand challenge you’re experiencing. We can provide large volume test separators and other flowback-related hardware if needed for the entire job or just for a portion of the job.

All of our solutions are customized based on the unique challenges of your wellsite. Our goal is to minimize the equipment and personnel footprint while maximizing your production.

Learn more about our industry-leading desanding technologies below or contact us to speak with our sales team.

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We can now fully automate Flowback 2.0 with the same industry leading sand capture rate

eFlowback, EnerCorp’s revolutionary service that brings together industry-leading sand separation technology with automation, measurement systems, and cloud-based software, removes virtually all sand from your production stream to reduce damage to your facilities.

Not only that — we do it completely autonomously and minimize your equipment footprint and personnel costs.


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See how we apply technology to deliver Flowback 2.0

Sahara Advanced Cyclone technology captures 99.7% of sand in the Permian Basin

Find out how EnerCorp’s Sahara replaced two sand separators and a three-phase separator with more effective results.

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Sahara Advanced Cyclone significantly outperforms competitor “advanced” cyclone in the Marcellus Shale

Our client put our equipment to the test against a large competitor and saw impressive results right away.

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Mojave Dual Cyclone reduces chargeback expenses by $25,587 on 15-day flowback job

Learn more about how EnerCorp can help you minimize post-job chargebacks from consumables and equipment damages.

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Why is EnerCorp the leading provider of sand management services?

It starts with our fit-for-purpose approach, and ends with our cyclone and filtration technology. Find out more about our sand management services and how we can capture over 99% of sand from your flowback job.


Cyclonic Technology

EnerCorp has two engineered cyclone based products in our portfolio. The key differentiating factor between these products is their sand capture efficiency. EnerCorp cyclones have been used on thousands of wells and have demonstrated the capability to capture more than 20,000 pounds of sand in a day.

EnerCorp Sahara Advanced Cyclone

Sahara Advanced Cyclone

> 97%

Sand Capture

> 10,000

BOE per day

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EnerCorp Mojave Dual Cyclone

Mojave Dual Cyclone

> 85-90%

Sand Capture

> 10,000

BOE per day

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Why cyclones?

Highly efficient at separating solids from fluids

Low personnel requirements to manage equipment

Can handle large volumes of fluids and solids

Minimal pressure drop across a cyclone

How do we utilize cyclones during flowback?

One or more cyclones may be used in series or in parallel to handle your flow conditions and sand rates.

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Filtration Technology

EnerCorp’s patented filtration technology comes in two configurations. The key differentiating factor between these products is their max rated flow rates. Our innovative filters are the only offering on the market capable of capturing more than 99% of the sand in your production stream. We have demonstrated this capability on thousands of wells with varying flow conditions.

Why filtration technology?

EnerCorp filtration technology provides the highest and most reliable sand capture rate in the industry

How do we utilize filters during flowback?

One of our filters is typically used in series behind our cyclones. The cyclone will remove most of the sand and the filter will provide a capture rate in excess of 99%.

EnerCorp ScorpionXT Sand Filter

ScorpionXT Filter

> 99%

Sand Capture


BOE per day

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EnerCorp Scorpion Sand Filter

Scorpion Filter

> 99%

Sand Capture


BOE per day

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