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Why You Should Work With a Leader in Sand Management

Sand management may not be in every oil and gas company’s vernacular. However, since flowback is a part of your operations, sand management is likely a key consideration.

Traditionally, flowback involves hauling out a long list of equipment to the wellsite — accompanied by a lot of personnel. The kind of equipment many oil and gas companies use to remove sand from their flowback is generic at best — it is not engineered for use in specific well situations. In many cases, this kind of sand management is thought of as a one-size-fits-all approach.

However, at EnerCorp, we know this is not the best way to do things.

As a part of your flowback operations, sand management is a custom service that we offer our clients, where we utilize equipment that is ideally configured for their well conditions. This means our clients have lower equipment day rates, less personnel on site, less HSE exposure — and yes, less sand in their production facilities.

What are sand management services?

Sand management services look different at each organization. At EnerCorp, our sand management services are unique because of our fit-for-purpose approach.

We know that using the same sand separator or wellhead desander at every wellsite will not yield the best results for our clients. No matter how effective the technology is, if you don’t consider the unique conditions of each well, then you will carry over a high percentage of sand into your production facilities — causing expensive damages and clean-out costs.

Our sand management solutions are all designed to remove the highest percentage of sand from your flowback operations — and we are highly regarded in the industry as the best at what we do.

We look at what phase of production your well is in, what the specific conditions are for flow rates and pressures, and what level of sand separation you need to achieve. Then we suggest EnerCorp’s leading sand management technology based on those specific characteristics:

  • Cyclonic sand separators
  • Sand filtration systems
  • A combination of both

Sand management services of the future

Imagine a fully autonomous sand management solution for flowback, with reduced equipment footprint, environmental impact, and labor requirements.


How a cyclonic sand separator works

As the leader in innovative desanding technology, we are known for the exceptional performance of our cyclone sand separators. In fact, many of our clients don’t believe the results until they experience them on their own wells.

EnerCorp offers two cyclonic sand separators: The Sahara, which has a sand capture rate of greater than 97%, and the Mojave, which has a sand capture rate of up to 90%.

How does a cyclonic desander work? These powerful devices are highly efficient at separating solids from fluids in your production. They direct the well flow in such a way to create a vortex that spins the sand out of the hydrocarbons while experiencing a minimal pressure drop across the cyclone. Plus, our technology can easily handle large volumes of fluids and solids at a time, so they have a broad operating range for your flowback operations. One or more cyclone desanders can be used in parallel or in series at your wellsite, depending on your well flow rate and sand conditions.

Our desanders for oil and gas are designed for a variety of well conditions. They have been utilized on several thousand wellsites, providing ground-breaking results for our clients. Take a look at these 3 examples:

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    EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Cyclone technology captures 99.7% of sand in the Permian Basin: Not only that, but we also reduced daily equipment rental costs on site, personnel, and HSE exposure — in addition to permanent damage to the client’s production facilities.
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    EnerCorp’s Mojave Dual Cyclone reduces chargeback expenses by $25,587 on a 15-day flowback job: How? We captured 84% more sand than a standard desanding technology available on the market.
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EnerCorp’s cyclonic sand separators have been put to the test many times against competitive sand management services and technologies — and have outperformed each one thanks to our investment in research and development along with our fit-for-purpose approach.

Get every last grain of sand with leading sand management filtration technology

In certain wellsites, based on the well flow rate and pressure conditions, clients prefer to use industry-leading filtration technology either on their own or behind the advanced cyclones. When used in series with our sand cyclone technology, the cyclone removes most of the sand, while the filter provides a sand capture rate of over 99%+.

EnerCorp’s sand management services for filtration technology include the Scorpion and the ScorpionXT. These industry-leading desander technologies are the only offering on the market that are capable of capturing over 99% of sand in the production stream. They have been tested on thousands of wells across multiple continents, and have provided exceptional sand capture rates for our clients.

Take a look at this lineup of EnerCorp’s sand management technology using both advanced cyclones and filters.

How desanding technology helps you keep your flowback costs in check

EnerCorp’s sand management services significantly reduce the amount of sand that gets into your production facility. However, not only do we reduce the amount of sand, we also significantly reduce your expenses. When it comes to sand management in oil and gas, clients often mistakenly think that a fit-for-purpose solution will be more costly than the status quo. However, this is far from the case.

Using desanding technologies that are designed specifically for your wellsite conditions helps reduce your overall flowback costs by:

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    Reducing your equipment footprint: We properly size the flowback job and only bring out the equipment you will need — not anything more.
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    Minimizing chargeback fees: When there are less washed parts due to high sand carryover, there are also significantly lower consumable and chargeback fees.
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    Shortening your flowback schedule: You can open the well at a more rapid pace, instead of choking it back, when you have the right sand separation technology in place.

EnerCorp: sand management expertise and experience for leading oil and gas companies

Sand management in oil and gas is a critical factor in improving your flowback and production operations. Working with EnerCorp, the leaders in sand management services, you not only have fit-for-purpose solutions that lead to 99%+ sand capture rates, but your organization also reduces equipment rental expenses, personnel on site, and HSE exposure.

Give us a call today and tell us about your well conditions. Our experienced team of engineers will be happy to provide you with sand management solutions designed specifically for your flowback job.


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