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Why are you choosing to pay more for flowback?

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Prioritize your bottom line

Flowback can be a fairly costly part of the production process, largely due to high day rates as a result of large equipment footprints. In many cases, operators use test separators during flowback — which increase costs tremendously. While they were originally used to provide test rate data regarding the beginning of a well’s life, they are now used for multiple purposes such as handling excess water and fluid that comes up during flowback or capturing sand carryover from upstream non-engineered sand separation equipment. 

However, as many operators now know, test separators aren’t effective at separating sand and fluids from the hydrocarbon stream. They have a large equipment footprint and high rental costs and considerably increase the risk of HSE exposure. Test separators, while thought to be necessary during flowback, can actually be fully removed when the desanding equipment is optimized — and automated — for the wellsite. 

This cost effective, safe, and environmentally friendly solution lowers the equipment footprint, rental costs, and HSE exposure, in addition to increasing sand capture efficiency and enhancing production.

At EnerCorp, our goal is to help our customers create more energy with less energy — and this is where our revolutionary eFlowback solution comes in. It not only fully eliminates the need for test separators, but enables operators to flow directly to the production facility from the start of flowback.

eFlowback: You’ll never think about flowback the same way again

Operators often don’t consider flowing directly into their production facilities because they haven’t found a way to ensure sand particles are removed from the stream. If left behind, the sand and other solids can cause immense damage to the production facility, resulting in high chargeback costs during flowback — and greatly affecting the bottom line.

eFlowback completely changes the game. Using our industry-leading Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, eFlowback removes more than 97% of all sand particles from the production stream, making it safe to flow directly to the facility without the use of a test separator. The Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone has a small equipment footprint — one unit can replace multiple other sand separators due to its high efficacy. This reduces labor costs, HSE exposure, and operating costs, while minimizing environmental impact.

While the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone is a critical component in eFlowback, it is not the only component. eFlowback is a full ecosystem of sand management technology that works in sync to provide innumerable benefits to operators. 

The job site of the future is here

eFlowback is a highly engineered automated flowback solution that brings together revolutionary sand management technology — the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone — with automated measurement systems and cloud-based software. Using eFlowback, operators can not only flow directly to the production facility without test separators, but they can also continuously monitor and control their entire job site remotely. 

eFlowback includes:

  • Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone
  • Automated choke manifold
  • Automated blowdown unit
  • Sand quantification unit
  • Tank-level monitoring system
  • Automated control unit
  • Cloud-based software

Together, this ecosystem offers additional benefits to operators during flowback — with no test separators in sight:

Cost savings: A fully autonomous solution, eFlowback optimizes manpower costs through remote monitoring technology. On-site personnel are only required for setup and the first few days of flowback, after which eFlowback can be autonomously run from the remote monitoring center and roving operators responding to upset conditions. This greatly reduces operating costs.

Reduced environmental exposure: As there is less equipment on site with eFlowback, there is less truck traffic to the site to transport equipment and personnel. Plus, by enabling production to flow directly to the facility, there are fewer emissions released during flowback.

Sand capture efficiency: The Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, the linchpin of eFlowback, is the industry leader in sand management technology. No other sand cyclone can reach a 97% sand capture rate with one unit.

Increased safety: Operators can minimize safety concerns for personnel by reducing the amount of human exposure during flowback. As the job site is run autonomously after the first few initial days, personnel are kept at a safe distance from all equipment for the majority of flowback.  

Enhanced decision-making: eFlowback provides operators with real-time well information they can use to drive insights and decision making, such as optimizing their choke schedule. With more data at their fingertips, operators can achieve better results.

How much do you think flowback should cost?

For many operators, chargeback and damage costs are an inevitable part of flowback. That’s because they don’t have the sand management technology to flow directly to the production facility without using a test separator. Plus, operators are used to paying out high day rates on equipment that isn’t fully utilized — and personnel salaries to go along with it.

With eFlowback, however, operators can significantly reduce their operating costs for flowback, even when compared to flowback 2.0 which utilizes just the Sahara Advanced Cyclone without other automated flowback equipment. In fact, a customer of ours recently saved 26% on flowback costs with eFlowback compared to flowback 2.0. And that’s on top of 38% they already saved compared to non-engineered solutions.

Highly engineered technology, contrary to what many people think, actually costs significantly less than non-engineered solutions because these technologies are tailored for the job at hand — not a one-size-fits-all solution.

eFlowback, which utilizes the Sahara Advanced Cyclone, is configured for each well site based on a number of characteristics, such as:

  • Range of flow rates for oil, water, and gas
  • Varying wellhead pressures
  • Various solids and sand particle sizes
  • Expected sand volumes

This ensures that the equipment will meet the requirements of the wellsite and enhance production as much as possible, while minimizing operating costs.

Get rid of the “you get what you pay for” mentality

eFlowback is worlds away from the traditional flowback setup which includes test separators and non-engineered sand management equipment — in both sophistication and cost.

Flowback doesn’t need to cost so much when you use the right technology that is highly engineered for your wellsite.

Get in touch with EnerCorp today to learn more about how we’re optimizing operations, minimizing the equipment footprint, and reducing costs for our customers all over the Permian Basin, Haynesville, and Eagle Ford.

With EnerCorp, you get a lot more than you pay for.


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