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EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone Available to Rent

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At EnerCorp, meeting the needs of our customers is our main priority. We spend a lot of time analyzing market trends in order to determine what our customers are going to need months down the road so that we can be adequately prepared with our service offerings. We also spend a lot of time listening to customers tell us pain points they are experiencing so we can come up with innovative solutions that work just as well for them as they do for us.

Recently, we heard from operators that they were looking for a sand management solution as good as our industry-leading Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone that they could use with their own flowback personnel. Because we are highly in tune to what our customers are looking for, we made a strategic business decision to give them exactly that: The Sahara Advanced Cyclone for rent!

Who can rent the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone?

If you know EnerCorp, you know that we are primarily a full-service provider of sand management technology, complete with iron, personnel, and other equipment that is standard with a full-service job. It’s what most of our customer base needs. They want the ability to offload their flowback sand management operations to our expert team who can handle all of the operational details from start to finish.

However, there is a small subset of operators whose needs have changed and they are looking for a different option. If you’re currently working with another flowback provider and like the level of service and expertise their crews provide — but are having difficulty with sand management, then this rental model may be the right solution for you.

Many operators are frustrated by the amount of sand that gets into their production equipment, causing costly damages and non-productive time. Without the right sand management technology, it’s simply not possible to keep sand out of the production facility. This is where the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone comes in.

The Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone offers unparalleled sand management results

The Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone is the industry leader in sand management, with a sand capture rate of over 97%. In traditional flowback operations, operators are not able to flow directly into production facilities because of the excess sand in the hydrocarbon stream which causes damage to the production equipment. However, when using the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, virtually all sand particles — even those smaller than 100 mesh sand — are removed from the production stream, enabling operators to flow directly into the production facility. This saves time, money, and resources — and significantly improves the bottom line. 

The Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone offers a number of benefits other sand management solutions simply cannot provide, such as:

  • Smaller equipment footprint: In most cases, operators only need one Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone unit. When using other sand management technology, multiple units are typically required as they are not as efficient or effective as the Sahara.
  • Lower operating costs: With no need for additional sand management equipment, operators pay a lower per-day cost. There are also lower labor costs as there is just one Sahara unit to manage. 
  • Less HSE exposure: With a smaller equipment footprint, there is less chance of emissions and environmental exposure. There are also fewer safety concerns for crew.

The Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone is a highly engineered sand management solution, which means that it can be customized based on the characteristics of the well. In order to achieve the industry-leading sand capture results we offer, we are able to configure the Sahara based on a number of factors, including:

  • Range of flow rates for oil, water, and gas
  • Varying wellhead pressures
  • Various solids and sand particle sizes
  • Expected sand volumes

Non-engineered sand management solutions, such as sand traps and single stage cyclones, are not customizable. Because they are not configured to the specifications of the well, they simply cannot offer the kinds of results the Sahara can. However, manyflowback organizations only have these non-engineered solutions on offer.

The best of both worlds

If you’re an operator with a flowback crew you have a long-term relationship with, we understand your need to continue to work with them. However, if they cannot offer the sand management results you need because they do not have access to industry-leading sand management technology, then EnerCorp is happy to invite you into our Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone rental program.

Offering you the best of both worlds — your personnel with our technology — you can achieve the sand management results you want with your own crew. While this rental program is likely not the solution for our larger group of customers, it’s something that we have developed based on recent market trends and customer needs. 

However, our full-service sand management program — complete with iron, personnel, and all the sand management equipment — is still available as our primary offering. It’s what the majority of our customers need, and we will continue to deliver exceptional performance on all levels.

Get the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone — however you need it

Whether you’re looking to rent the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone to use with your flowback personnel or take advantage of our primary full-service offering, EnerCorp is here for you. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the results the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone offers and how it can support your sand management needs.

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