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Sep. 26, 2023

Exceptional Achievements in Grande Prairie!

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news from our Grande Prairie Fabrication Shop! Recently, we underwent a rigorous ABSA audit, a comprehensive assessment of our Quality Management System (QMS) covering every intricate detail. Read more
Sep. 20, 2023


Innovation is a core value at EnerCorp. It’s what drives our business forward, and we continually challenge our team to think of ways to improve what we do and how we do it. Read more
Sep. 19, 2023

From 5 S Champion to Shop Lead: Slim’s Impact at EnerCorp

We would like to introduce you to Rodrick “Slim” Dunigan, EnerCorp’s 5 S champion and a driving force behind our Rental Division’s success! Read more
Sep. 20, 2023

Join EnerCorp Team!

EnerCorp is seeking a passionate and dedicated Regional HSE Coordinator to join our team in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Read more
Sep. 19, 2023

Supplying Teachers, Inspiring Minds!

At EnerCorp, we don’t just work in the Permian Basin; we’re proud to support and uplift the community that makes it thrive. Read more
Sep. 19, 2023

Why are you choosing to pay more for flowback?

Flowback can be a fairly costly part of the production process, largely due to high day rates as a result of large equipment footprints. In many cases, operators use test separators during flowback — which increase costs tremendously. Read more
Sep. 14, 2023

Setting Our Team Up for Success: EnerCorp’s Training Program

Does your sand management provider value operator education? At EnerCorp, we believe in setting our team up for success from day one! Read more
Sep. 13, 2023

Growth and Excellence at EnerCorp

Each successful team is made of amazing individual team members. Jordan Zarco is one person who helps to make the EnerCorp team amazing. Read more
Sep. 13, 2023

We’ve drawn a line in the sand!

At EnerCorp, we don’t just manage sand; we redefine the rules of the game. We’ve drawn a line in the sand, and it’s where innovation meets excellence. Read more
Sep. 12, 2023

EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone Available to Rent

At EnerCorp, meeting the needs of our customers is our main priority. We spend a lot of time analyzing market trends in order to determine what our customers are going to need months down the road so that we can be adequately prepared with our service offerings. Read more