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Jul. 21, 2021

Taking flowback forward 2

Do you remember when you listened to music on cassette tapes? Does it seem like your flowback services haven’t evolved since then? Read more
Jul. 21, 2021

Team appreciation

Summer has hit across all of North America and that calls for a cookout with the Team! Read more
Jul. 16, 2021

Spudder Rig Case History

One of our clients in the Permian Basin needed to reduce their wellbore construction costs in order to achieve their drilling budget. Read more
Jul. 16, 2021

Taking flowback forward

Do you remember your flip phone from the 90’s? Do you feel like your flowback services are just as out dated? Read more
Jul. 14, 2021

Stefani & Brenda

EnerCorp would like to introduce two new leadership adds to our team! Read more
Jul. 13, 2021

If you need it, we can build it

At EnerCorp, we have a broad range of production equipment fabrication capabilities to meet the needs of your wells. Read more
How can effective sand management and flowback
Jul. 12, 2021

Are you aware of the environmental benefits of using a surface drilling rig?

EnerCorp works with clients all over the Permian Basin, in New Mexico, and West Texas to perform top hole drilling and run surface casing with our spudder rigs. Read more
Jul. 12, 2021

Flowback 2.0 & Emissions

We design our highly engineered solutions with ESG criteria in mind — not only because we understand its increasing relevance to today’s society, but also because we believe it is our responsibility to do so. Read more
Jul. 09, 2021

The EnerCorp shop team delivers again!

We had a client in need of a Sahara cyclone and their application demanded additional hardware requirements beyond previous jobs that had been completed. Read more
Jul. 07, 2021

NPT and excessive damages don’t have to be part of Drillout

When it comes to your drillout job, NPT and excessive damages don’t have to be part of the process. Read more