Mojave Dual Cyclone reduces chargeback expenses by $25,587 on 15-day flowback job

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IP Peak
/ day Gas
100 BBLs
/ day Water
1500 psi
flowing pressure


Sand production in the Haynesville requires operators to run multiple cyclones as well as a three-phase test separator at the same time to prevent sand from getting into their production facilities and causing damage.

The sand returns combined with the high gas rates in this application result in a large quantity of consumables being used during the job. Plus, there is a lot of damaged equipment, which significantly increases the cost of the flowback due to chargebacks.

Our client wanted to put the Mojave Dual Cyclone to the test against a standard cyclone that is commonly used in the Haynesville Shale in order to find a more cost-effective solution.


EnerCorp’s Mojave Dual Cyclone is designed with the patented dual cyclonic insert. It has been deployed on thousands of wellsites and achieves great efficiency removing sand across a broad range of flow rates.

On this two-well location, each well was rigged up in the following sequence: wellhead - plug catcher - cyclone - manifold - cyclone - test separator - production facility.

On well one, the Mojaves were used as the cyclones.  On well two, standard cyclones were utilized.



$8,045 Mojave Chargebacks
$33,632 Standard Cyclone Chargebacks
Well 1: Mojave
Well 2: Standard

Mojave Dual Cyclones – Haynesville Shale


The Mojave Cyclones on well 1 captured 28,426 lbs of sand while the standard cyclones on well 2 captured only 15,480 lbs of sand. This means the Mojave sand management setup caught 84% more sand than a standard configuration.

What is important to note is that there were far fewer damaged parts on the Mojave well. As a result of EnerCorp’s industry-leading desanding technology, there was a total of $8,045 of chargebacks due to washed parts from sand. On the standard configuration well, the cost of washed parts was $33,632. This is an increase of 318% in chargebacks due to inferior technology.

Not only can we help you manage your capital and operating expenses, we can also reduce your post-flowback fees by limiting the amount of damage in your facilities and parts. Click the button below today to speak with our highly-trained team about your wellsite.

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