Dual Cyclone Technology

EnerCorp’s high efficient cyclone provides great sand management for production and initial flow back with high volumes.


Advanced Cyclone Technology

EnerCorp leads the industry in sand management with patented filter technology that achieves velocity knock-out and filtration with one system.


Filtration Technology

EnerCorp’s manifold design is able to withstand the harsh proppants and corrosive fluids delivered at the high volumes and high pressures encountered in hydraulic fracturing operations.
Scorpion XT

Industry-Leading Sand Management Design & Innovation

EnerCorp produces the industry’s most innovative, technically sophisticated and carefully designed sand managemenT equipment.
Case Studies

Our Technology Leadership Covers:

  • Custom Engineered Filtration

  • Dual Cyclonic Separation

  • The careful engineering of our lineup of models to suit various production streams

  • The blowdown vessel that adds tremendously to sand capacity and reduces manual cleanout frequency

  • Automation features that make filtration operation more convenient, reliable and safe


We work hard to meet our brand promise to you.

Although there’s always room for improvement, we believe that doing business with us offers you distinct advantages that deliver real benefits.

EnerCorp Advantage

  • Complete in-house capabilities. EnerCorp is not a “re-seller”.

  • Technical Experts provided for start-up and field training.

  • Industry-leading technology and design features.

  • EnerCorp provides 3D design renderings.

  • Modern facilities, all certifications, expert professionals and tradespeople.

  • Thorough quality control, QC documents finalized when product is shipped – not months later.

  • Ship skid-mounted or piling-ready equipment.

  • Over 250 staff members dedicated to optimizing your well.

Customer Benefit

  • Direct access to all in-house design, engineering and fabrication services. Single-point-of-contact relationship.

  • You receive a new performance level in sand filtration.

  • Customer can visualize end-result. Easy to make design changes. Assurance that “everything will fit”.

  • Field Support to assist with operator Training.

  • Confidence in high and consistent manufacturing quality.

  • Lower risks, greater confidence.

  • Match your installation needs.

Whatever your challenge, we have a solution.

EnerCorp’s Frequently Asked Questions:

I have very sour wells and a high concentration of H2S.

A: Add a blow-down to any of our solutions.

Limited capex is available this year.

A: Do a long term rent to own contract.

I don’t see a solution in your portfolio that has the right footprint for my leases

A: We’ll custom engineer and build the solution for you.

We don’t want to clean out our sand filter manually.

A: Add a EnerCorp blow-down vessel and reduce/eliminate your maintenance time for cleaning.

My requirement for sand management is short term.

A: EnerCorp offers competitive month to month rental contracts that can’t be beat.

We’re tired of sand carry over from our current “desanders.”

A: EnerCorp’s patented solutions are true sand filters which capture all the sand. We guarantee it.

We want to build a pad-style or plant desander.

A: We will custom engineer and build a unit that can handle any flowrate.

My operators don’t know when to clean out the “desanders.”

A: Use our automation and sand monitoring systems to alert your operators of sand build up.

The Leader in Innovative Desanding Solutions

EnerCorp guarantees to capture and clean up your 100 Mesh Frac Sand with 99% efficient Wellhead Desanding Devices.
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