Cost Savings Case Study

Client mitigates HSE risks and lowered non-productive time with 99.7% sand capture

Location: Haynesville Shale

The Problem

One of our clients operating in DeSoto Parish in the Haynesville was planning to bring wells that had lateral lengths extending beyond 15,000 ft and stage counts in excess of 65 stages per well online. They were expecting high gas production, high casing pressure, and a lot of excess sand coming to the surface during the flowback operation, so they knew sand management would be key for these wells. They needed a custom-engineered and cost-effective solution that would allow them to flowback these extended lateral wells without worrying about sand management issues while lowering their operating costs and minimizing HSE risks on the job site.

Case study image of Sahara

The Solution

Members of our engineering, operations, and sales teams all worked together with the client to fully understand their project needs to develop a custom-engineered solution. The pipe size was increased to accommodate for the high casing pressure, gas volume, and water volume.

Our team also suggested using a single 15K Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone with a 2” nozzle to lower the equipment footprint while also achieving max sand separation efficiency.

The Results

Over the course of the 35-day flowback, the custom-engineered solution flawlessly executed the job. The client experienced no sand carry over to downstream equipment and zero washouts in the iron, manifold, or test separators.

EnerCorp’s engineered solution and Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone technology enabled the client to:

Achieve sand separation efficiency
Extend the life of their equipment
Lower non-productive time, further reducing their costs
Reduce associated personnel costs
Minimize environmental impact on the job site
Mitigate HSE risks
If your job requires drilling longer laterals, we can ensure you don’t have to worry about sand production during flowback. Book a call with us today to learn more about how our sand cyclone technology and engineered solutions can help you change the way you drill and complete your wellsites.
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