Flowback 2.0 Eliminates Sand Issues While Reducing Footprint in South Texas

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Location: Eagle Ford/South Texas


An operator in the Eagle Ford / South Texas was having issues with sand carryover in their facility, which was leading to high damage costs.

With their current service provider, the operator had a large equipment footprint — which came with high personnel costs and HSE exposure. They were using a test separator during flowback; however, there was still a high percentage of sand that was ending up at the facility.

The operator was entering a new geographic area which had higher pressures and higher volumes, and knew they needed a better sand management solution for flowback that wasn’t going to result in facility damages.


The operator saw the benefit of working with a service provider that was vertically integrated. At EnerCorp, we develop, design, and construct fit-for-purpose flowback and sand management technology in addition to operating it at the wellsite for our customers, which gives us unique insight into flowback that not many other flowback providers have.

Our application engineering team met with the customer early on in the process to better understand their requirements, goals, and needs — as well as what obstacles were standing in their way.

The solution for this operator was clear: They needed Flowback 2.0. 

We introduced the operator to the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, a leading hydrocyclone on the market with a sand capture rate of over 97%. They immediately saw the benefits of our desanding solution, and how it could be customized to their specifications in order to get better results.

EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Cyclone




With the Sahara Advanced SandCyclone in place, the operator immediately reduced their equipment footprint by removing the need for a test separator. Plus, less personnel were needed on the site to manage the fewer components, creating safer operations.

The operator was thrilled to see their sand issues completely eliminated with the efficacy of the Sahara, as it captured virtually all sand in the production stream. Their production equipment was safe from sand erosion, saving the operator from having to pay the high costs for damaged equipment.

The operator was so thrilled with the results, that they had the Flowback 2.0 setup with the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone implemented on 15 wells in less than a year.

Want to decrease your equipment footprint while increasing your sand capture rate? Get in touch with EnerCorp for more details today.