Cost Savings Case Study

EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Cyclone Saves Operator in Haynesville over $16,000 in Chargeback Costs for A Dual Well Flowback

Location: Haynesville Shale

The Problem

A customer in Long Branch, Texas, was having trouble during their flowback operations on their Haynesville locations. Their wells were producing an excessive amount of sand that their traditional flowback setup could not handle. The sand knockout they had in place was inefficient and was resulting in a high amount of sand carryover to their downstream equipment.

While sand carryover is harmful to a service provider's downstream equipment, it is also very harmful to the customer's production facility. If sand enters the production facility, it could cause severe damage resulting in high costs for repairs and impacting the customer’s long-term lease operating expenses (LOE) well beyond the flowback timeframe.

Application Characteristics

Cotton Valley formation
Panola County, Texas
Oil, Gas, Water
Well #1:
Well #2:
1 to
1200 psi

Two Well Pad with Saharas in the Haynesville

The Solution

EnerCorp’s sales, engineering, and operations teams collaborated with the customer to develop a highly engineered solution utilizing the industry-leading Sahara Advanced Cyclone technology. Unlike other desanding solutions, the Sahara Advanced Cyclone removes over 97% of sand from the hydrocarbon production stream.

The Sahara has been precisely engineered to meet the specific requirements of each well. It can be customized using adjustable inlet technology that is optimized for flow velocities and sand separation based on the anticipated flow rates and pressures for your well. Because of this, the Sahara is an effective sand management solution for a range of operating conditions. While multiple other desanding technologies are required per well to remove a high quantity of sand, only one Sahara is needed to deliver best-in-class sand removal rates.

By enabling our customer to capture the sand, we can save our downstream equipment from being heavily damaged and reduce chargebacks to the customer.

The Results

As expected, the Sahara Advanced Cyclone captured well over 97% of sand and prevented carry over to downstream equipment. Because almost all of the sand was removed, the downstream equipment did not have excessive damage — saving the customer nearly $16,000 in chargeback costs on a single well flowback.

The customer was incredibly pleased with the performance of the Sahara as well as their cost savings. They awarded EnerCorp with the next dual well pad utilizing Sahara technology.

Want to save thousands of dollars in chargeback costs at your wellsite? Contact EnerCorp to learn more about how we can develop a fit-for-purpose solution that gets the results you need.

The Sahara Captured