high sand volume Case Study

EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Cyclone Captures Over 99% of Sand, Keeping Test Separators Clean as Proven by Thermal Imaging

Location: Delaware Basin

The Problem

We recently started working with a new client on a two-well pad in the Delaware Basin. After reviewing their wells’ expected flow characteristics with the client, we were expecting high sand volumes. Our recommendation was to use the Sahara Advanced Cyclone at their well. However, the client was not convinced.

They had previously had a bad experience with another sand management provider, with less-than-stellar results. Due to this, the client did not think that the Sahara Advanced Cyclone was enough given their flow rate and well pressures. They asked us to add on the Mojave Dual Cyclone downstream of the Sahara.

EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Cyclone

The Solution

Working with the client, we changed our setup on location to include both the Sahara and the Mojave. However, as the well began producing sand, it was clear that there was very little, if any, sand being captured in the Mojave, which was downstream of the Sahara.

Our engineers and field team knew that this was as a result of the industry-leading sand capture rate of the Sahara Advanced Cyclone — which is often over 99%. However, the client was concerned that the sand was making it past EnerCorp’s setup and into their production sand separator. In the first 8 days of flowing, their two wells had produced over 28,500 lbs of sand, so they were expecting more sand to bypass EnerCorp’s technology.

The Results

In order to confirm that their production separator was clean, the client used thermal imaging to check for sand. They were completely shocked but very happy to see that the thermal images were crystal clear — showing no sand in the separators.

This meant that the Sahara was capturing all of the sand from the wells, and none of it was making it to the Mojave — and of course the production separator.

As a result of the superior performance of our desanding technology on these wells, the client awarded EnerCorp with a significantly larger package of wells for well flowback and sand management services. They had seen our industry-leading technology in action, had proved it worked, and couldn’t wait to use it on additional sites.

When we say many clients can’t believe their eyes — we mean it. Our sand capture rate is second to none, and we can prove it.

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