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Jun. 07, 2017

Saskatchewan Premiere Brad Wall wins re-election

Saskatchewan Premiere Brad Wall has been reelected in his province for another term. The Saskatchewan Party had a sweeping victory, captured just under 63% of the vote. The next closest party was the NDP who took 30% of the vote and won 10 seats. Wall has been an avid oil and gas advocate for the province. Since 1938, only two Read more
Jun. 07, 2017

Alberta to receive $251.4-M Fiscal Stabilization payment

The federal government has announced a fiscal stabilization payment to Alberta to assist with the impact of the dismal oil economy. Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau made the announcement, with the online statement: “It was determined that Alberta qualified for the maximum amount of $60 per person, for a total amount of $251.4 million.” So far Alberta is the only Read more