Capture 97+% of sand particles in the production stream

EnerCorp and Green Oil Services introduce industry-leading sand management technology for Latin America

EnerCorp, the leader in sand management technology for flowback, is partnering with Green Supply Services to bring ground-breaking sand management solutions to the Latin American market.

We offer a fully autonomous flowback ecosystem with eFlowback, including the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone — which has a sand capture rate of 97+%.

  • Improve your bottom line: Reduce labor costs with a fully automated job site, while lowering HSE exposure and flowback expenses. eFlowback offers highly efficient results as personnel are only called out to the jobsite when necessary.
  • Utilize a completely automated ecosystem: eFlowback includes the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, Automated Choke Manifold, Automated Blowdown Unit, Sand Quantification Unit, Tank Level Monitoring System, Automated Control Unit, and highly secure cloud-based software.
  • Minimize safety risks: Our job site runs autonomously after the first days of setup, reducing human exposure. The system continuously measures process conditions to spot potential issues ahead of time.
  • Make data-driven decisions: eFlowback offers real-time well information to improve the performance of your well. Optimize your choke schedule and make other adjustments based on data to see ground-breaking results.

First introduced to the Argentinian, Bolivian, and Columbian markets, eFlowback is here to enhance operations with highly engineered solutions.

Book a call with Gerardo Smith, vice president of business development for Latin America, today to learn more about how eFlowback can support your goals.