Safety First posts

May. 29, 2024

Exceeding Expectations, One Site at a Time

Hats off to Robert Crane!  During a recent field visit to a customer location, a couple of members of our EnerCorp management team encountered a pad with H2S present on the well. Even before the team could finish backing into the parking spot, Robert was already outside the vehicle door, ready to greet them and conduct a site orientation. Armed Read more
May. 21, 2024

Safety in the Summer

For many, this is the last week of school before Summer break! As we gear up for some fun in the sun, let’s not forget about the importance of summer safety. Safety isn’t just about being safe at work—it’s about embracing a safety-driven lifestyle both on and off the job and instilling the culture of safety in our families. Here Read more
Mar. 05, 2024

Driving excellence: Safe journeys, successful inspections!

Safety and compliance are non-negotiables at EnerCorp, and our team exemplifies it every day.  Recently, our West Texas DOT Driver, Adrian, demonstrated our commitment to safe driving. While en route to Denver, Adrian stopped at the Clayton, New Mexico Port of Entry for a Level 1 DOT inspection. We’re thrilled to announce that Adrian and our equipment passed with zero Read more
Nov. 29, 2023

Supporting Causes that Matter

We were deeply honored to have recently attended the 2023 Kailee Mills Gala, an event that holds immense significance for us. The Kailee Mills Foundation’s mission aligns perfectly with our values at EnerCorp, especially in our dedication to safety. The Kailee Mills Foundation, born from the tragic loss of a bright young life, stands as a powerful testament to the Read more
Nov. 30, 2023

Winter Safety Tips

As temperatures drop, safety remains paramount at EnerCorp. Here are essential winter safety tips to keep in mind: Equipment Awareness: Check instrument lines, valves, and regulators for freezing in extreme cold. Use H2S-rated flowlines in wintry conditions. Material Care: Monitor rubber hoses and covers during temperature fluctuations to prevent wear. Heating Safely: Use approved heaters on pad sites. Safety is Read more