Eric Omenson

Senior Vice President, US Operations

Eric Omenson is the Sr. Vice President – US Operations of EnerCorp; he previously served as Chief Operating Officer as well as Vice President of Business Development of Energes Oilfield Solutions.

Eric currently manages all operational execution from EnerCorp’s five operating regions in the US, and works alongside the company’s Sales and Safety leadership to ensure that EnerCorp’s services are provided to customers safely and economically.

Since entering the oilfield in 2001 Eric has held various management and sales positions. Most of his experience was focused at the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and international markets. In 2012 Eric moved into the onshore US shale sector, primarily focused at the water management and production testing services business. With a strong background in recruiting and business development Eric was instrumental in helping EnerCorp build a first-class sand management product line in the US.

Eric earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston (2001), and later earned a Master of Arts from Liberty University (2009). Eric is a native Houstonian and spends his free time on the coast with his wife and daughters.