Dynacorp produces the industry’s most innovative, technically sophisticated and carefully designed sand filtration equipment. At Dynacorp, our range of configurations and sizes enables us to serve any production stream and commodity mix across North America. That includes the highest-pressure, highest-rate unconventional wells operating at up to 10,000 psi and 400°F.



“We’ve got the Dynacorp Sand Management Skid on the Anna 4 well site and it’s taking out 94% of the sand with the Cyclone, which is a sand can on “steroids” and the filter is capturing the remaining 6% of the finest sand particles getting 100% of the sand out of our oil production.

Prior to switching to Dynacorp we had over 100 hours of downtime, 10 ESD Valves and Separator dumps wash out and nothing but problems on this pad. We’ve been flowing 140BBL’s per hour through the Sand Management Skid and making 180 gallons of sand per day and aren’t seeing any sand at all in our facilities.

If you want a solution for fixing sand problems, call Dynacorp.”SITE SUPERINTENDENT - LEADING PRODUCER IN NORTH DAKOTA

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The Dynacorp Advantage

Dynacorp’s Technology Leadership Covers:

  • The basic filtration concept;
  • The careful engineering of our lineup of models to suit various production streams;
  • The blowdown vessel that adds tremendously to sand capacity and reduces manual cleanout frequency; and
  • Automation features that make filtration operation more convenient, reliable and safe.

Dynacorp’s Innovations:

  • Differential pressure sensors and switches
  • Hydrate breaker
  • Integration with producer’s scada system and flow control

Special Features/Functions:

  • Automated sand-dump into blowdown vessel
  • Automatic electronic call-outs notifying your operators when it is time for sand removal or filter cleaning
  • Automated safety shut-downs when required, such as during pressure spikes or should the unit fill completely with sand
  • Traditional timed cleanouts don’t work because of varying sand production
  • Auto-call avoids screen clogging/collapse due to lack of maintenance
  • Full automation through the addition of a smart PLC box to control the sand choke and incoming fluid and gas volumes