FloDatix posts

Jul. 21, 2024

Innovation Continues with FloDatix

EnerCorp is committed to innovation, and we are excited to have extended our efforts to the fast-growing market for Multiphase Metering.  During the development phase, our engineers have been extremely excited about the capabilities they are seeing. Imagine an MPFM that isn’t nuclear and is completely self-sufficient. No need for density changes or constant calibrations. The Engineering team at Enercorp Read more
Jun. 16, 2024

Are you ready to learn more about FloDatix?

Behind the scenes at EnerCorp, our dedicated engineers are working tirelessly to elevate the capabilities and technology offerings of our innovative FloDatix technology!   Are you curious to learn more about FloDatix and how it can benefit your operations? Reach out to us today! Our team is here to answer all your questions and discuss your opportunity. Read more
May. 15, 2024

Innovation Continued with FloDatix

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been hard at work developing the FloDatix Multiphase Meter since our recent acquisition announcement.  In our pursuit of innovation, members of the EnerCorp team recently took part in the SPE workshop on Multiphase Metering in Unconventional Developments. These knowledge-sharing events are crucial for pushing our industry forward!  But here’s the thing: the conversation can’t Read more
Mar. 14, 2024

EnerCorp Presses Forward With Innovative Solutions

Exciting News Alert! EnerCorp has acquired FloDatix Limited, pioneers in multiphase flowmeter technology for the oil and gas industry.  Our mission at EnerCorp is to drive innovation in production enhancement, and this acquisition marks a significant step forward in that journey. The FloDatix multiphase flowmeter technology aligns perfectly with our vision of developing disruptive solutions that optimize production, reduce emissions, Read more