Meeting your needs in the Haynesville

What do you get when Pro Oil and Gas Services joins EnerCorp? A range of well flow management solutions for any application to meet your needs in the Haynesville.

Welcome, Erica Rhoads!

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Erica Rhoads to our sales team in the Permian Basin.

Haynesville Flowback

Before they begin working with us, many of our clients tell us about the outrageous flowback expenses on their wells.

Daddy & Daughter Time

Pictures speak louder than words so there’s not much more we can say to improve upon this moment of Rory Nagge, EnerCorp’s head of technology, spending time with his daughter while on holiday.

Prove it!

Prove it! We hear this frequently when we talk to customers about our Sahara Advanced Cyclone.

Winterized Saharas

Cover image for Sahara Fab for Canada Web

What is twelve feet tall and solves all of your sand production issues on surface? You are right, it is the Sahara Advanced Cyclone!

Braedon 5-Year Anniversary

Braedon receiving his 5 year anniversary gift

EnerCorp would like to recognize and thank Braedon Malmholt for being a critical member of our team for the last five years.

Haynesville Case History

Haynesville Case History showing a $25,500 savings

EnerCorp recently saved a client $25,500 on a 15 day flowback job in the Haynesville by reducing consumables and equipment damage charge backs.