Setting Our Team Up for Success: EnerCorp’s Training Program


Does your sand management provider value operator education? At EnerCorp, we believe in setting our team up for success from day one!

Our Level 1 Operator training program is custom-designed to provide a strong foundation. We kick off with a deep dive into the oil and gas industry's history, from geological origins to modern-day exploration and production. Through engaging 3D visuals and interactive sessions, our team members gain a comprehensive understanding of equipment, safety, and our company's history. We focus on equipment purpose and function.

Day 2 moves into hands-on learning, where our operators work together to draw and label equipment, simulate well flows, and gain valuable shop experience. We cover everything from maintenance to valve rebuilds.

The feedback from our team members has been fantastic, and we're excited to keep the momentum going with Level 2 and 3 Operator training next.

A big shoutout to Richard for leading these training efforts!

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