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Feb. 29, 2024

The Sahara Hits Vegas!

We all got to see glimpses of the Las Vegas Sphere during the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago. BUT, very few saw the surprise addition atop it – our very own Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone stealing the spotlight! You may be wondering how the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone achieved the honor of being featured on such an iconic Read more
Feb. 08, 2024

Experience the Benefits of the Sahara Facility Cyclone

By now, you’ve heard of  the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone’s big brother, the Sahara Facility Cyclone. Do you know WHY you need it at your facility? Here are 7 reasons why you NEED the Sahara Facility Cyclone:  Experience the future of sand management with Sahara Facility Cyclone! Read more