Sand Management posts

Feb. 08, 2024

Experience the Benefits of the Sahara Facility Cyclone

By now, you’ve heard of  the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone’s big brother, the Sahara Facility Cyclone. Do you know WHY you need it at your facility? Here are 7 reasons why you NEED the Sahara Facility Cyclone:  Experience the future of sand management with Sahara Facility Cyclone! Read more
Jan. 30, 2024

Stop wasting money when it comes to flowback

Are you ready to cut your flowback costs? Your solution is right here! Discover our concise guide that offers insights on how to minimize your flowback costs. This document outlines six best practices and technology considerations to help optimize your operations, reducing expenses related to equipment and manpower. These recommendations not only maintain the quality of flowback but can also Read more
Jan. 25, 2024

Pictures are worth 1,000 words

Take a moment to look at this picture. What do you see?  Do you see nature? The frozen West Texas sunrise paints a beautiful canvas with rich hues.  Do you see innovation? In the light of dawn, innovation emerges with eFlowback, the industry’s first fully automated flowback ecosystem.  Do you see sacrifice? The person taking the picture has been away Read more
Jan. 18, 2024

Middle East, Meet the Sahara Sand Cyclone

We’re thrilled to announce that the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone has landed in the Middle East, and we’re making waves in Saudi Arabia! At EnerCorp, we believe in taking our sand management solutions global, and the Middle East is our next stop on this incredible journey. What’s in store for Saudi Arabia and beyond? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned Read more
Jan. 09, 2024

EnerCorp does it again with Flowback 2.0, powered by the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone!

One of our clients in South Texas was facing emissions issues and sand management challenges as a result of the test separators and frac tanks required with their large footprint for traditional flowback operations. They needed a solution that was going to reduce their equipment footprint, improve sand management, and minimize emissions at the same time. They trusted our team Read more
Jan. 03, 2024

EnerCorp’s Canadian Fab Shop Delivers Innovation

EnerCorp’s Canadian Fab Shop has just wrapped up some serious sand management innovation! Introducing our 1440 PSI Sahara L-Skids, specially tailored for the rugged Canadian terrain.  These beasts are equipped with cutting-edge load cells to keep a constant eye on sand weight and heated buildings to give Old Man Winter a run for his money.  Hats off to our dedicated Read more
Dec. 21, 2023

Happy New Year!

As we step into a brand new year, we want to express our gratitude to all our employees, clients, partners, and friends who have been an integral part of our journey.  We are excited for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2024. Together, we’ll build a year filled with innovation, growth, and success.  Cheers to a prosperous and Read more
Dec. 19, 2023

Upgrade Your 2024 Operations with Sahara Rentals!

As you gear up for another year of successful sand management operations, remember to keep Sahara Rentals in mind! Our cutting-edge sand management technology, trusted by industry leaders, is now available for rental.  Whether you’re looking to optimize your sand management processes or enhance safety and efficiency, Sahara Rentals offers the same exceptional technology that our full-service solutions provide.  Stay Read more
Dec. 07, 2023

EnerCorp Sand Management will Keep you on the Nice List

Don’t let sand in your production facility get you on the naughty list this year! Santa knows when you’ve been bad or good, and trust us, he doesn’t want to find sand in your production equipment this holiday season.  Keep your production facility clean and Santa-approved with EnerCorp’s sand management solutions!  Say NO to sand-induced downtime and YES to a Read more
Dec. 11, 2023

Revolutionize Your Sand Management with eFlowback!

Are you gearing up for a well with those heavy sand rates?  Tired of the constant struggle to get precise sand weights when sand volumes are through the roof?  Our cutting-edge eFlowback sand management ecosystem pairs the industry-leading Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone with the genius of autonomous dumping and weighing.  So, even when dealing with the heaviest sand-producing wells, you Read more