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Aug. 19, 2021

eFlowback Enables Enhanced Decision Making

Data is at the core of our decisions. We rarely make a decision without considering some amount of data: what is the traffic level so I know when to leave, are interest rates at a point I want to refinance, how picky is my son today so I know what he is willing to eat for dinner, and so on. Read more
Aug. 16, 2021

eFlowback is Economical

We took the first step toward revolutionizing flowback with the introduction of the Sahara Advanced Cyclone in 2019. In a Permian case study, this technology advancement saved 38% on equipment and personnel costs compared to the previous flowback solution. Read more
Aug. 12, 2021

eFlowback is efficient

If you had to rate yourself on how efficient you were on a daily basis, what percent would you be? How many days (if any) can you honestly say you are 97% efficient? Read more
Aug. 06, 2021

Why eFlowback is the Future

When you think about some of the greatest innovations that drove industries to transform, what do you think about? The printing press, steel, electric lighting? Soon, the digital transformation of the oil field will be among these great transformations. Read more