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Oct. 16, 2023

A step change in emissions: eFlowback

As part of the autonomous flowback system, eFlowback, the Sahara enables operators to minimize emissions while reducing equipment and personnel costs. Read more
Sep. 22, 2022


he fall season brings a lot of excitement – football, hunting, pumpkin scented / flavored everything, family events, you name it. Read more
Jan. 07, 2022


Last year, we changed the face of flowback with our eFlowback ecosystem, enabling the introduction of the first fully autonomous flowback job site. eFlowback reduces the equipment and personnel on site and provides a more economical and safer operation. Read more
Dec. 14, 2021

eFlowback – Topping 2021 Holiday Lists

Have you seen the latest stats? eFlowback has topped the list as most requested item on Completion and Production Engineer’s holiday wish list! Read more
Nov. 30, 2021


Holiday season is in full swing, and the EnerCorp team is ready for some holiday cheer! What better way to get in the spirit than to do a little caroling. Now, you all know Jingle Bells, but have you heard the lesser known version “eFlowback is the Way”? Feel free to sing along! Read more
Nov. 11, 2021

President, Mark Freeman, on Flowback Advancements and Automation

EnerCorp is taking flowback forward with eFlowback. Do you know what it means to “take flowback forward?” Read more
Oct. 13, 2021

Leave your outdated flowback in the past

Traditional flowback involves hauling out a long list of equipment to the wellsite — accompanied by a lot of personnel. The kind of equipment many oil and gas companies use to remove sand from their flowback is generic at best — it is not engineered for use in specific well situations. In many cases, this kind of sand management is thought of as a one-size-fits-all approach. Read more
Aug. 19, 2021

eFlowback Enables Enhanced Decision Making

Data is at the core of our decisions. We rarely make a decision without considering some amount of data: what is the traffic level so I know when to leave, are interest rates at a point I want to refinance, how picky is my son today so I know what he is willing to eat for dinner, and so on. Read more
Aug. 16, 2021

eFlowback is Economical

We took the first step toward revolutionizing flowback with the introduction of the Sahara Advanced Cyclone in 2019. In a Permian case study, this technology advancement saved 38% on equipment and personnel costs compared to the previous flowback solution. Read more
Aug. 12, 2021

eFlowback is efficient

If you had to rate yourself on how efficient you were on a daily basis, what percent would you be? How many days (if any) can you honestly say you are 97% efficient? Read more