Holiday season is in full swing, and the EnerCorp team is ready for some holiday cheer! What better way to get in the spirit than to do a little caroling. Now, you all know Jingle Bells, but have you heard the lesser known version “eFlowback is the Way”? Feel free to sing along!

Catching all the sand
with a one-stop sand cyclone
We only need one hand
Watching from your phone

Alarm the blowdown gate
Making lifting light
What fun it is to automate
A flowback job tonight!

eFlowback, eFlowback 
eFlowback is the way.
Oh! what fun it is to operate
Flowback on this day.

Musical genius aside, eFlowback is the autonomous control of flowback and sand management that reduces equipment footprint and personnel costs while minimizing emissions. If this is not at the top of your Christmas list, and contact us to add it to the top of your wish list today.

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