This is one of EnerCorp’s foremost advantages.

And it represents time and money savings for any asset owner with pressure vessels that need repair or modification.

Pressure vessel welding typically requires post-weld heat-treating.

This costly step often makes it cost-prohibitive to salvage a used pressure vessel, especially a larger one, for re-use. That forces the asset owner to commission an even more expensive new build – then often wait months for delivery.

EnerCorp’s temper bead procedure can avoid all that.

This ABSA-certified procedure comprises pre-heating the metal surrounding the area to be welded to 350° F. Welding – such as a repair or addition of new nozzles – then proceeds and the result can be certified for use without post-weld heat-treating.

The benefits are substantial:

  • Much faster turnarounds – We can save you days of money-wasting downtime;
  • Much lower costs – Our process could save you enough to make the difference between re-using a large pressure vessel and having to pay for a new build; and
  • Flexibility – The temper bead welding procedure covers significant repairs and modifications.